Positional head deformity with plagiocephaly and/or brachycephaly in infants increases as the baby's
biased sleeping position, or the longer stay time of baby in convenience devices such as car seats and strollers.
Depending on the doctor's prescription, a flat head syndrome in infants can be adequately treated with a cranial remolding helmet.


3D Printing

3D digital technology is applied to all processes including 3D scan, 3D measurement analysis, 3D head model correction, 3D helmet design, and 3D printing.

Digital Production Solution

By using in-house developed scanners and software, digital solutions are applied throughout the program to provide CRO with constant and high quality.

Double Structure

The double structure of the outer and inner shells are not just ventilated, allowing hygienic correction treatment through inner shell replacement even when worn for a long time, as well as shock-resistant effects.


ACEBAND is made of biocompatible materials to provide safe usability.


Digital Production Solution

The in-house developed 3D solution for manufacturing a pediatric cranial remolding helmet consists of a 3D scanner, measurement & analysis program, and design software using a head deformity correction algorithm based on head growth rate prediction.

ACEBAND Head-shape Measurements & Analysis Report

Using 3D scan model data, we provide a report that scientifically measures and analyzes the head deformity index of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly to help doctors prescribe it.

ACEBAND report

Unique Design

You can customize ACEBAND with the 10 different colors options and even can attach the accessory to the its ventilation wholes.


ACEBAND is a medical device. Read and use precautions and instructions.

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